Mar 14, 2012

Female otherness is created by discourse but also by spatial practices and constructs’                
    - Jean-Fracois Staszak

The ideas that are around me as woman are constructed by history, by men, by media representations, by traditions. They are not real.
This idea that ideas that we have in a society or in our life might be a social construction of our contexts, are really powerful to me. This idea gives me hope.
Gives me hope that what people are expecting of me are just socially constructed ideas of cultural expectations assigned to my gender.
I am fascinated by this idea of the otherness and how societies are assigning the meaning of being the ‘other’ to specific people, and not to other. In this process of assigning meaning, there is marginalization.
There is marginalization ideas by giving something or someone power, over others. And viceversa.  
I think about this often. And I will continue to. In many levels, in many way, im fascinated by what I don’t know about the ‘other.’ Including myself.

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